Monday, November 28, 2011

Now in Chiang Mai Thailand!

Jenn asked that we put more pictures then letters, so we will find a happy medium! 
After spending 15 weeks in the MTC due to the floods in Thailand, our daughter FINALLY was able to leave Provo and go to Thailand. She has been in Thailand a little over a week, and we have had 'little' word from her. 
Let get up to date!  Pictures to follow!

Nov 21st, 2011
I am finally emailing from THAILAND!!!! And it honestly still feels like a dream. Every hour I kind of shake myself and im like woah im actually in Thailand??. Not only that, but im in CHIANG MAI!!!!!!! aka heaven. Literally everyone calls it "heaven" the thai's and all the missionarie. Its realllllly rare to get be a greenie here because you'll most likely be here for more than a few transfers because the new training program is way intense. Its the most coveted area (no joke) and only one set of sister missionaries are here. Ok so it’s in the northern part and the scenery is MIND blowing, so exotic and mountainous. Most beautiful place I’ve ever been to for soo many reasons.
So the mission has been kind of crazy because of the flooding. After a few days of traveling we got to Bangkok and welcomed by the mission president and wave of humidity. ha more like a brick wall. (its been kind of a blur, honestly. time zone change and living in a tropical dream land haha) that night we took care of paper work and had meetings finding out where we were going and stuff. Then we went out placed our first Book of Mormon! No more role playing haha. Left that next day at 3 AM and flew to Chiang Mai. I was welcomed by my first legit companion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and 2 other sisters, Sister Yinn and Sister King, they are temporary transferred here cuz their mission is flooded. We all live together, one big party . My companions name is Sister Sorge and is an angel. No joke, she straight up looks likes one and acts like one. I love herrrr. She’s a year so her Thai is amazing and is SO hard working. I’m really excited to work and to be trained with her, I can’t wait to see the miracles happen! Saturday was a blur, lots of biking in the insane city (there aren't really traffic laws which makes biking super sketchy and fun haha), teaching and not knowing what’s going on hahah. I’m humbled every 5 seconds when I hear someone speaks in Thai. They speak SOO fast and quiet.
Sunday was amazing, and super humbling. Not really sure what was said, but I felt the love! The love that I have for those people is indescribable. Even though I can barely understand what’s going on, the ward is AWESOME and the members so hilarious and warm and playful. Everyone hugs each other and you can just FEEL the love. They really welcomed me in even though I can’t speak much, and they call me Sister Suay which means pretty! haha it was so cute. A lot of smiling and bowing takes place. There is ALWAYS a potluck after. And not lame ones with nasty casseroles. ok, The food is seriously mind blowing. Is taste bud blowing? I’ve had the best food I’ve ever had in my life the past few days (sorry mom haha) and every meal it gets better. People don’t go grocery shopping here. There are food vendors on every corner and almost cry of happiness every meal ha. The smells here are equally amazing. I love riding bikes at night because you get whiffs of different smells on every corner and lit up lanterns hanging in the trees, and today we rode elephants. No big deal. And watched an elephant show after where they drew paintings, played basketball, soccer and danced. I’m seriously living in a dream. My time is up! I love you all! So much. People are prepared to hear the gospel here, I’ve already witnessed it

Nov 28th, 2011
What an amazing, blurry week! Thank you all so much for you kind words and prayers, I really can feel them more than ever. The joys and craziness of missionary work in the field are hitting and I’m loving it. These people are the happiest, loving and seriously the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I love them all so much. And miracles are happening left and right here!!! Its been kind of hectic because of the flood but that means people are flooding to Chiang Mai
Thanksgiving in Chiang Mai was really fun and pretty American actually ha the four of us sisters found this restaurant that was doing a thanksgiving special! We were the only ones there. People are coming up to Chiang Mai because there isn't flooding going on. meaning, we are one of the few missions in Thailand that are actually proselyting and teaching! I really do feel so blessed. Its been pretty tough still with the language, and trying not to feel like I’m not fulfilling my purpose as missionary (helping others come unto to Christ) when I can barely understand them. I’ve really learned to feel, and listen with spiritual ears when we're contacting or teaching. Without that I’m way lost in what’s going on. I’m surprised with how many people are READY for to hear this! The doors HAVENT been slammed in my face and people are amazed at us and want to hear what we have to say. Telling them that there IS a God and that He loves them and has a plan for them and we can talk to Him whenever we want, really is the best thing ever. and to hear them prayer for the first time, so magical. For the first time I’m experiencing the companion mind read connection thing!  (which is actually the spirit...but i still get so excited when it happens) we'll be studying and we'll both be prompted to study the same thing? Really random topics mind you, which our investigators needs. Or we'll be in a lesson and I’ll be prompted to ask a question and she'll say she was thinking of the same one?? I know this is normal for mission companions, but its really the best. The 2 other sisters left this morning (back to the Philippines where their flooding is better) and now its just the 2 of is in heaven. We now have twice as many investigators and a lot of work to get done! I’m really excited to see what happens and how Heavenly Fathers uses us to find His children.
Finished the BOM today. Can i just say how AMAZING that book is???!!! Everyone go read it. haha. Its how God talks to us, we can get that everyday!!!!

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