Sunday, September 9, 2012

Transfer to Bangkok!

Jenn is now in Bangkok - Mall Visit

Look very closely = do you see "wings"!!  Bug Snack at the Mall? We can only guess! 

Jenn with other Sister's serving in Bangkok

One Year Birthday

Jenn has been out a YEAR now!

Remember how little Jenn is... well look how much littler her companion is!

The OLDERST Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in THAILAND!

RAIN BREAK -- trying to stay out of the rain!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bring tears to a Mother's eyes...

Saved this picture for last -- isn't this amazing.  Take a good look at the Sister on the right. Sis Navynuon!  Now - go to the SLC Temple Square and find her!!  She is from Ubon, Thailand and called on a mission to Temple Square!  Sis Nuon is in the middle - Jenn's companion. The locals call her "Beyonce"!  And then there's my favorite Sister Missionary -  Jenn....  this picture makes me cry every time I look. Hope you see what I see in this picture. This is true happiness - the happiness you only find loving and serving the Lord - in what ever capacity you can. Yes - you too can experience this type of happiness -- drink in it, then go ask the Savior what change you can make to have this happiness! It's that simple -- let that desire burn in you and watch the miracles, open to you! Its sure to make you have the same smile as these sisters!

Half her mission over...

Anybody hungry for BUGS!! 
Sis Campos, May and Sis Knutson

May's Baptism Day!

Sis Knutson is experiencing so many wonderful things. From being transformed herself to seeing others accept the Savior and having a mighty transformation themselves.  "The need to change has to be GREATER then the ease of staying the same".  The question was put out years ago -- Who changes more the missionary or the convert?  Her new area is night and day from Chaing Mai yet has its own beauty.  The locals don't understand why she doesn't use an Umbrella!  Jenn has 8 months left and is loving every day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Eating in Ubon

Bring it on!  

Relief Society - Making Salads!

Hot outside -- eat drink Cold Food

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Pictures - New Companions 4 Sister's in one Apartment - Can you spell Party

Sis. Jenn Panda! Is that you Sis Sorge?
Elder Panda!

Sis. Knutson - Avid Biker - She calls it 'playing frogger'. And parents aren't to worry!

Let's go to the FAIR! 

Beautiful Sisters - oh and umbrellas too.
Her Favorite - I swear she'll come home with one!

hello family! my heart is full today and i was very aware of your prayers this week... i really has felt like a whole another mission this past transfer and a lot of growing has been had. and still needs to happen. haha. its very different needless to say. this week, us missionaries started a mutual program in the ward. im pretty sure its the first one in thailand? the chiang mai branch wants to be the example for thailand so we figured we'd get them started with  a mutual program. they cant say mutual so its "mutuan" haha. we played water balloon waterballoon volleyball (you'd be proud mom) and got them pumped up for Duty to God and Personal Progress. and of coourse rootbeer floatss (also foreign to them). the youth are awesome here and LOVED it, hopefully theyll start bringing their friends. and im so grateful for all the leaders setting up youth activities growing up. seriously thank you ALLL, so much more work than i thought haha. sunday was so fun, i translated in Primary. there is a white family from florida that just moved in and their son is a twin of baby scotty. no joke. for some reason i felt like i needed the CTR rings grandma sent me, and guess what the lesson was about?? choosing the right! the kids loved them. its super humbling to not understand a 5 year thai boy hahah. some days i feel like i uunderstand most things, than the next day im asking my companion to repeat everything. always praying. LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6 Months Out!

McDonald's Delivers in Chaing Mai! 6 Months out on my mission celebration with a Blizzard!

Check out the scooter, backpack and McDonald's jacket in this hot weather!

On the train to Bangkok to renew visas == HOT !

Baptism's! Miracles happening! 

Jenn hit her 6th Month mark! She celebrated with a McDonald McFlurry - they deliver!  She also had to take a grueling train ride to Bangkok (7 hours away) to renew visas. This looks like a picture we have of when she got her wisdom teeth out -- must be that painful of a trip. She said Bangkok is MUCH hotter then Chiang Mai, and not near as many tourist, so the people in Bangkok we're very fascinated by her.  I guess... with that look on her face!!!  Ha! Don't you just love it!!  She will probably be transferred soon, so taking in as much as she can with beautiful Chiang Mai and grateful for every moment she is there. The part she loves the most is how the people are embracing the new knowledge of our Savior. And, the gift of the Holy Ghost. The sacrifices these beautiful people make to have the Savior's restored gospel in there lives is amazing to her.  No one has 'days' off' in this country - they work 7 days a week - so to take time off for Church is a huge sacrifice, in so many levels.  So many have so little, yet radiate so much joy and gratitude.