Monday, March 19, 2012

New Pictures - New Companions 4 Sister's in one Apartment - Can you spell Party

Sis. Jenn Panda! Is that you Sis Sorge?
Elder Panda!

Sis. Knutson - Avid Biker - She calls it 'playing frogger'. And parents aren't to worry!

Let's go to the FAIR! 

Beautiful Sisters - oh and umbrellas too.
Her Favorite - I swear she'll come home with one!

hello family! my heart is full today and i was very aware of your prayers this week... i really has felt like a whole another mission this past transfer and a lot of growing has been had. and still needs to happen. haha. its very different needless to say. this week, us missionaries started a mutual program in the ward. im pretty sure its the first one in thailand? the chiang mai branch wants to be the example for thailand so we figured we'd get them started with  a mutual program. they cant say mutual so its "mutuan" haha. we played water balloon waterballoon volleyball (you'd be proud mom) and got them pumped up for Duty to God and Personal Progress. and of coourse rootbeer floatss (also foreign to them). the youth are awesome here and LOVED it, hopefully theyll start bringing their friends. and im so grateful for all the leaders setting up youth activities growing up. seriously thank you ALLL, so much more work than i thought haha. sunday was so fun, i translated in Primary. there is a white family from florida that just moved in and their son is a twin of baby scotty. no joke. for some reason i felt like i needed the CTR rings grandma sent me, and guess what the lesson was about?? choosing the right! the kids loved them. its super humbling to not understand a 5 year thai boy hahah. some days i feel like i uunderstand most things, than the next day im asking my companion to repeat everything. always praying. LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL 

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