Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6 Months Out!

McDonald's Delivers in Chaing Mai! 6 Months out on my mission celebration with a Blizzard!

Check out the scooter, backpack and McDonald's jacket in this hot weather!

On the train to Bangkok to renew visas == HOT !

Baptism's! Miracles happening! 

Jenn hit her 6th Month mark! She celebrated with a McDonald McFlurry - they deliver!  She also had to take a grueling train ride to Bangkok (7 hours away) to renew visas. This looks like a picture we have of when she got her wisdom teeth out -- must be that painful of a trip. She said Bangkok is MUCH hotter then Chiang Mai, and not near as many tourist, so the people in Bangkok we're very fascinated by her.  I guess... with that look on her face!!!  Ha! Don't you just love it!!  She will probably be transferred soon, so taking in as much as she can with beautiful Chiang Mai and grateful for every moment she is there. The part she loves the most is how the people are embracing the new knowledge of our Savior. And, the gift of the Holy Ghost. The sacrifices these beautiful people make to have the Savior's restored gospel in there lives is amazing to her.  No one has 'days' off' in this country - they work 7 days a week - so to take time off for Church is a huge sacrifice, in so many levels.  So many have so little, yet radiate so much joy and gratitude. 

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