Monday, February 13, 2012

Letters Updated

Feb 8th, 2012  
family family family! sorry the email is coming so late, I kinda got sick and making time to email was rough. im pretty sure it was some sort of heat exhaustion?? fasting+inviting all day in the hot sun will get cha haha. but no worries, all is well! and we found a great family out of it:) im definitely feeling the hot season beginning to start.... not sure im ready for this hahh soo sweaty. its so funny thai people are terrified of the sun  so they wear huge coats and face mask things to hide from it. being tan whatsoever is really ugly i guess?

 this week has been awesome though, lots of personal growth and realizing some major internal "roots". for example; we came to the realization that im really good at helping my companion reach her goals and our companionship goals, but i forget to focus on mine. or even make enough time to think about myself in that sense. this has explained so much. like my whole life actually ha. major "ah-ha" moments happening here. i love missionary work because its not focused on you personally at all, but it is SO important to be constantly striving and accomplishing goals so we can be better instruments in hleping the people here come unto Christ. this week will be rough because sister sorge really wants to focus on me.. wish me luck.

ive really seen the Atonement in action personally this week, many "breaking me down" moments and letting the Savior build me back up.  I was reading in Mosiah 24:12-15 (READ IT EVERYONE!) and it hit my heart so strongly. " And I will ease the burdens which are put on your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them on your back... I the Lord God do visit my people in their afflictions" How true this is, i literally felt this peace come over me and boost to keep on going. Im so grateful for the scriptures, God is literally talks to us what makes me even more happy?? When my investigators come to the same realization!!!!!!! back flips. Wow and her daughter (they remind me of the Gilmore Girls, but thai and way cooler) understand this! Once the investigator understands personal revelation through prayer, scripture study, and church attendance we missionaries have nothing to worry about. they see how PERSONAL the gospel is and will do anything to feel of the Holy Ghost. ive never seen anyone so excited to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. so amazing. we actually moved up their baptismal date because they want to get in the water so badly. AND moved up Dom and Bang's baptism (another mother daughter powerhouse)!! we were teaching them and i felt like alright if i left right now id be fine, these people are so prepared. and its even cooler because we get to find more and more everyday. i feel so little in this noble work, but i know the Lord us everyday. 

mom i wear the crocs everyday..people love rubber shoes here. Can’t imagie wearing anything else. 
love you alllll!
love, sister knutson

FAMILY!  Jan 29th, 2012
Soo I’m in the last transfer with my trainer and the work is on fire!! She is leaving in 4 weeks and I cant believe it. Its awesome cuz she has an entire mission under her belt full of experiences and knowledge, and now living with sister supansa who is also going home in a few months.  My 6 month mark is happening in a few weeks? WHAK. That freaks me out, so much is happening and NEEDS to happen. Hence the "we are sprinting." its awesome what we can get done in just a day, our prayers are getting answered and our goals are getting reached. we have been talking about that and seeing all the miracles happen and it comes back to consecrating yourself to the Lord and doing HIS work HIS work. its been a roller coaster that’s for sure but im happy im learning these things now, not at the end of my mission. I’m still in awe at how little we are in the work. God is willing to send us the amazing blessings if we just ask! and work hard and have faith (duhsies). we found 2 families this week that are way prepared. im so blessed to be meet so many "golden investigators." its so fun living with 3 other sisters, President Smith says he wants me "crossed trained" with a thai. hahah so cool, i love her. is this real life? thank you for your prayers, i feel them errryday. 
love, sister Knutson

Jan 22nd, 2012
hello family! this has been such a fun week. lots of growth has been happening (umm story of my mission) but at the same time its been FUN. the mission opened another sister area in Chiang Mai so we now have another set of sistas! helllo party. one is a greenie (knew her at the MTC, she rocks) and her trainer is my MTC teacher's litter sister. DREAMMM!!!!! seriously, answer to prayers to be living with a native speaker who also is SO willinging to help me and is related to my dream teacher. not to mention  life of the party, its been too fun i think? ha life is soo good. today we got up at 4 and watched the sunrise on top of this mountain at a buddhist wat. is this real life? Its the same world im living in but everything is so much more beautiful with Christ at the center.  Im really the happiest i have ever been, despite the HUGGGEEE language barrier that makes most tasks quite difficult and lots of confused looks. but its doesn’t matter, it is NOT stopping the work! That is for sure. Since I’ve been here we've been really praying and focusing on people who are ready to hear our message and ITS HAPPENING!! We have taught lessons this week of people just walking into the church saying they want to learn about Jesus. um whak thought that only happening in brazil or something?  I read this talk that has changed my mission outlook and really illustrates consecration so well, something we've been working for.  I feel like im on the sidelines of the most beautiful miracles happening; seeing people's hearts change as they let Christ in. They don't have years of membership in the Church or weird ideas about Mormons, and they let Christ in as soon as they open their hearts. I’m learning so much from these beautiful people! I feel so blessed to be apart of this huge work, I love you all, more than I can say!
love, Sister Knutson
PS. i got the package!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much. its so perfect, wheat thins don’t exist here. Same with fruit snacks and cliff bars. Felt the love opening it, thanks mom:) also tell grandma and grandpa Rands thank you for the really cool beaded bookmark and card!

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