Sunday, September 18, 2011

MTC Sep 13, 2011


Greetings from the MTC! How is everyone? Life is great here. Really it truly is. My last email was somewhat emotional, but please know that I’m wonderful & loving my time here. One month from yesterday Scotty comes!!  You don’t even know how excited I am. Scott you are going to love it here! It is totally your element. I can’t wait for you to talk to my companions in Spanish (he already knows everything about you HA!). :-)

So for the past week we haven’t been able to get Dear Elders because they are changing the mailboxes. So if you had a question, sorry won’t be able to answer! 
Dad – you asked about P-days.  Tuesdays: Get up early to go to the temple, come back & study for 1 hour, print my emails & write emails back, lunch, laundry, letters, devotional, bed. It’s crazy how fast it goes. We call it P-Hours, not P-Day HA!

Mom – Know that I’m thinking about you often & how you would love all these classes about church doctrine so you could apply it to your class!

Thai is coming slowly but surely! It’s been a rough week language wise, and I’m trying my hardest to think of the people of Thailand. It’s easy to think I’m not learning much or not getting anywhere…. But I’ve come so far! Everything is still in Thai, but I basically know what’s going on the majority of the time. My teachers are all RM’s from Thailand & know what’s up. One is native of Thailand & I LOVE her. She’s way hard but amazing. Probably the nicest, cutest lady I know & if all the people of Thailand are like that I will be so happy. Yep. I will die of happiness! She gives us “culture Moments” & it tells us great things about Thailand & gets us all pumped up again. Sitting in the same class room for 10 hours a day makes us all a little crazy at times.  I feel bad for my Elders at times because I get in those crazy moods where I literally can’t stop talking, Thai or English.  

New roommates leave next week.  They’re all from Utah & pretty cool. Its amazing how different all the people are at this place but everyone gets along. Sure most companionships have had times, but people generally love each other here. We all have this missionary connection  and look out for one another. Since I’m a Solo Sister I get to meet so many new people every day. It’s really amazing to learn of the stories & reasons way the missionaries got here. I can literally see boys grow into men on a daily basis. And sisters figure out their potential. We’re told that someday there will be the same amount of sisters and elders out on missions. Can you imagine??!!

I think everyone should go on missions just to learn the basics & simple truths of the gospel. Teaching people what really matters. Oh.. wait.., we can do that EVERYDAY!  Its really incredible how much the Lord’s hand is in our lives. He loves us so much, he wants us to succeed.

Thank you for your support & love. I really would love to hear your testimonies! :-)    They really do encourage & lift me!  

I love you all!
Sister Knutson 

MTC Sep 6, 2011

First off, thank you for the awesome package. Everyone loved the gluten free cookies.

The project is so sweet! That’ll be such a great missionary tool for all members.

What a glorious week. As always the days are going by faster which is freaking me out because there really is soo much to learn. The older Thai district left yesterday and it hit me that I’ll actually be leaving this place one day teaching real people, speaking Thai 100%. It’ll be beyond amazing. I want the mission experience Elder Holland talks about : “My mission has meant everything to me. I think about it every day”. From Joseph Smith on, this is the time that matters to preach to every nation, tongue & people.  This is the only dispensation that won’t end in apostasy. He goes on saying we are carrying on our shoulders the end of missionary work, with 340 missions & creating more this summer. We are in it for the long haul & won’t walk away from this”.

Every day I think I might burst with information whether that’s from planning in Thai, speaking (attempting) in Thai, great devotionals, full heart of prayer, insights from scriptures, emotional roller coasters or hanging out with 19 year old Elders all day HA! Not sure if I’m physically capable of anymore growth. And with that growth I’ve realized how many weaknesses I do have! Quite the humbling experience! But I really doesn’t matter, the Lord will make up for every weakness we have! As long as we give it all we have, we have no reason to fear if we trust in Heavenly Father. 2 Nephi 4 – READ IT!

New roomies moved in last week. They’re going to Indiana & Michigan. It’s sweet cuz I’ll be meeting way more people cuz I don’t have a khuu (companion). Got called to be the coordinating Sister so I really have been helping/meeting with a bunch of Sisters. It’s been really fun! And helping them get the most out of this place. My little district of 4 is becoming more like family every day.  They call me their sister & watch out for me. It’s the best!

I love you So Much!
Sister Knutson

Friday, September 2, 2011

MTC Aug 30, 2011

Greetings from the MTC! Thank you for the great emails and updates on the family! What a crazy week - as always. My brain is completely mushy by the end of the day, not sure how else to explain it. According to my genius companion, our brains are more intelligent then the smartest computer? Like information storing - not sure how true it is, but it makes me happy! Speaking of which my "khvv's (companions) are awesome! We're all so different but work pretty well together. They all try really hard and bring in credible insight. They really push me in Thai and have great patience with me - so grateful for that. My favorite roommates left today which was really sad... They truly were supposed to live with me! We already have plans on meeting up w/ after the missions. They think I'm hilarious and appreciate my jokes. It rocks! And they bought me WHEAT THINS as parting gifts! I'm excited for my new roommates, girls are so nice here! Zero drama and cattyness.
Mom you should be happy to know they have a gluten free section at the cafeteria. I have a bowl of cereal with every meal. I love the ice cream on Wednesday and Sunday and the chocolate milk. Why am I writhing this? No Idea.

Random awesome things from this week:
1.    No one wants us to do better than Heavenly Father. H is our #1 fan. He wants us to succeed on this mission - this is his work.
2.    We must make every effort on our part (study, obedience etc...) for the Lord to give us knowledge. I have a testimony of this!
3.    See the way the Lord wants me to be, not others.
4.    True doctrine understood changes attitudes & behavior! This is Mom's quote on her face book!  Understanding is linked to the heart. Mosiah 12:27
5.    Holy Ghost is the best teacher - the ONLY teacher.
6.    Our life is similar to echo’s --- our lives will give back everything we give it. The Lord will give us back everything we put in it and what we live for.
7.    Ask for blessing in prayer! God is waiting for us to ask!
8.    "NEVER let your faith be difficult to detect".
9.    When teaching, don't dazzle then with your brilliance, dazzle with the gospel.
10.  Everything we do it predicated in love.
11.  This gospel makes life fulfilling, not just bearable!
12.  If we have faith in ourselves, it gets us NO WHERE!
13.  Choose to be a missionary, not just someone on a mission.

Hope you enjoy those random quotes. Everywhere I go I feel like I'm writing tons of notes. I don't want to miss a thing!
Thank you so much for all the support and prayers. :-)  I love this work. Even teaching actors, roles plays, bring the spirit. I'm so grateful we are taught to bear our testimonies first. Even if I say something crazy in a lesson and get laughs, bearing testimony always brings the spirit. Teaching by myself is crazy hard, but I know I'll learn the most this way.
The Lord is pushing me, but this is making me rely on him even more.

I love you! Choog dii!
Sister Knutson

PS later this night - Elder Holldan just spoke. More next week. I STILL have the chills. AMAZING life changing!