Sunday, September 18, 2011

MTC Sep 6, 2011

First off, thank you for the awesome package. Everyone loved the gluten free cookies.

The project is so sweet! That’ll be such a great missionary tool for all members.

What a glorious week. As always the days are going by faster which is freaking me out because there really is soo much to learn. The older Thai district left yesterday and it hit me that I’ll actually be leaving this place one day teaching real people, speaking Thai 100%. It’ll be beyond amazing. I want the mission experience Elder Holland talks about : “My mission has meant everything to me. I think about it every day”. From Joseph Smith on, this is the time that matters to preach to every nation, tongue & people.  This is the only dispensation that won’t end in apostasy. He goes on saying we are carrying on our shoulders the end of missionary work, with 340 missions & creating more this summer. We are in it for the long haul & won’t walk away from this”.

Every day I think I might burst with information whether that’s from planning in Thai, speaking (attempting) in Thai, great devotionals, full heart of prayer, insights from scriptures, emotional roller coasters or hanging out with 19 year old Elders all day HA! Not sure if I’m physically capable of anymore growth. And with that growth I’ve realized how many weaknesses I do have! Quite the humbling experience! But I really doesn’t matter, the Lord will make up for every weakness we have! As long as we give it all we have, we have no reason to fear if we trust in Heavenly Father. 2 Nephi 4 – READ IT!

New roomies moved in last week. They’re going to Indiana & Michigan. It’s sweet cuz I’ll be meeting way more people cuz I don’t have a khuu (companion). Got called to be the coordinating Sister so I really have been helping/meeting with a bunch of Sisters. It’s been really fun! And helping them get the most out of this place. My little district of 4 is becoming more like family every day.  They call me their sister & watch out for me. It’s the best!

I love you So Much!
Sister Knutson

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