Monday, June 25, 2012

Bring tears to a Mother's eyes...

Saved this picture for last -- isn't this amazing.  Take a good look at the Sister on the right. Sis Navynuon!  Now - go to the SLC Temple Square and find her!!  She is from Ubon, Thailand and called on a mission to Temple Square!  Sis Nuon is in the middle - Jenn's companion. The locals call her "Beyonce"!  And then there's my favorite Sister Missionary -  Jenn....  this picture makes me cry every time I look. Hope you see what I see in this picture. This is true happiness - the happiness you only find loving and serving the Lord - in what ever capacity you can. Yes - you too can experience this type of happiness -- drink in it, then go ask the Savior what change you can make to have this happiness! It's that simple -- let that desire burn in you and watch the miracles, open to you! Its sure to make you have the same smile as these sisters!

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