Monday, August 15, 2011

Jenn's first letter!!!

Written August 11th, her second day of being in the MTC.

I'm alive! And well! And speaking thai! Kind of :)   I'm not supposed to write letters until P-day, but our MTC president made it clear to write to our parents and let them know we're alive! And I really wish I could greet to you in script-thai (scribbles) but I'm no that far yet. Maybe by the next letter!
Oh my, where to begin?! Time goes by very silly here, longggggg days but short weeks. First things first. I"m a solo sister! Meaning I don't have a companion. It's so nuts! My "class elder" companions are my makeshift one instead. And there's three of them and we make a district. So I'm always with Elder Meteroso, Elder Stakeshift and Elder Buss. There is an older thai district that have been here for 2.5 months with 6 other sisters and 6 elders. But we don't really see them that much because they're so advanced. And technically Sister Roper and Sister Carpenter are my "companions" but I never see them so I call them my escorts ha. At the very first meeting the MTC president had all the new missionaries turn to their companions and tell them "I love you!" And he saw I had no one, so he called me to the very front, at the pulpit and had me introduce myself as a solo sister! That was in front of like 400 missionaries! On camera! Ha! It's been a definite challenge but I'm literally relying on the Lord every minute of every hour. It's insane how much i pray! I love it and I totally need it. The elders (my companions) are really focused and intelligent so I know I'll be pushed every day to keep up with them!
Thai class is insane! From the very beginning, everything has been in thai. Haven't heard my teacher speak a sentence of english, no joke. We're teaching an investigator tomorrow (yes on the 3rd day) and I have no idea how that will happen! I love it! The gift of tongues is real! Every part of my body, brain, heart, everything is constantly trying harder and taking it all in. I've learned so much already about myself, the Savior, prayer, thai and planning. Every second is planned. It's incredible. Time is precious! With that said, have to sleep. Lights out!

Thank you guys (p.s. not allowed to say guys!) for everything!
Love, Sister Knutson "solo"

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  1. wow. i love her so much. love love love reading these. ps the blog looks great rach.


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