Friday, August 26, 2011

MTC #3!!!

Here are the highlights of her letter, Tuesday August 23rd.

week 2!!!!!! i cant believe it. another massive amount of growth and not being to keep up! its incredible how much we fit into a day and still not have enough time. i love this place. its gotten so much easier with the 3 elder companions, i really do love them. i learn from them everyday and im slowly but surely becoming the kind of missionary the Lord wants. constrantly being humbled and reminded i cant do this on my own. relying on the Lord means everything. there is no way anyone could do this on their own. something i live by these days: work harder than you did they day before. may have made it up to. quote me. everyday i understand my thai teachers better, i am starting to truly love the language. its pretty fun now, sooo happy about that! its not for me, it's for the people of thailand.  we have our fingers crossed for an apostle at the devotional tonight. hope you gave caden a birthday kiss from me!  I LOVE YOU ALLLL!!!!!!!!!! thanks for your prayers:) im so blessed!

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