Saturday, October 1, 2011

MTC September 27, 2011

Greetings from the amazing MTC!  My departure date is on the 24th of October! Yes, less than one month away. I can’t believe it!!  Time flies here.
This week has been constant reminders of the Savior’s love. The more I read and learn about him, the more I truly love this church. His Church! It’s a complete honor and so incredible to represent Him as a missionary. I’m bringing his message and invitation to come unto Him, to people who have never even heard His name before! That still blows my mind. This calling is huge and there is no way I could do it on my own. Even when I’m teaching investigators (my teachers who play the role of other people) I’m being guided by the spirit. I has to be.  I don’t have a companion to lean on when I don’t understand what they are saying. And I know they can understand me and feel what I’m saying, even when I know the Thai wasn’t correct. We can’t afford to not be bold. The spirit won’t offend. Ever.
People are prepared to hear this message and to know of these truths!
Dad, I really liked that you shared Scotty’s story about his testimony, and how he read Alma 30:44 and he already has seen lots of “signs” about the truthfulness of this church, and didn’t need a huge powerful moment. That’s very true for me as well. It wasn’t till recently that I really understood that. Most of the missionaries here have that one huge moment where they knew the Book of Mormon is true. To be honest I was somewhat envious (lame I know….) and it wasn’t until I read in Alma 56 about the Stripling Warriors’ that I was at peace. Verse 48 it says they do not doubt their Mothers, I, like them, always knew! They didn’t doubt their mothers & the Stripling Warriors are the ultimate example! There are great pictures/paintings of them all over the MCT. Missionaries LOVE the Stripling Warriors. Our testimonies are all unique, it’s beautiful. Really hope all of that made sense ha ..ha..
Thank you for raising me in a way that I’ve always know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. From a  VERY young age I’ve had a testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I was never “Mad at God” because Mom died. I’ve always  know I would see her again and be sealed forever. Thanks for instilling that testimony. I’m not here because I’m relying on Dad’s testimony – I have my own. I know this is Christ’s church and we all have a special work to do. I love learning Thai and the gospel basics, it’s so beautiful! We tend to think everything is complicated. It’s all simple! It says in Preach My Gospel that when our testimony of the Atonement grows, we naturally want to share it.
So my companion from Hong Kong (called to serve in Cambodia), doesn’t really want to be here. It’s really hard. I love her & she’s so amazing and interesting, but she is super homesick. She writes her boyfriend everyday & it’s hard. I know if she didn’t have a Solo Sister, she would have gone home by now. It’s sad when you can see that potential but they reject it. There’s only so much I can say…. Comes down to her relationship with Heavenly Father and figuring out her purpose here. Gets emotionally tiring but I know I can help her.
Have you gotten the October Ensign yet? All about the Book of Mormon? READ IT! And share it! The  Book of Mormon is the best tool to convert, second to the Holy Ghost. It rings true! Answers our deepest desires and eternal questions. I love this book.
Thank you for being the amazing parents that you are. I love your funny letters & packages. My khuus always know when I’m reading letters from you (especially from Scott) cuz I’m laughing super hard!
I love you al!

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